by Adam Grimm

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My first unofficial solo album of full instrumentation recorded and produced by Jimmy Wilkens.


released August 7, 2015

All music, lyrics and instrumentation by Adam Grimm

Recorded and Produced by Jimmy Wilkens

Recorded in Adam's basement and Cleveland State University's Fenn Tower and Euclid Commons

True was a dive into an almost completely new direction for
me. Having come from a background of more aggressive music like
punk rock and grunge, this was the first time I decided to see
myself as a singer/songwriter more so than a punk rocker (though I'll always be a punk at heart). Completing this album was a big accomplishment for me after having developed Hyperacusis, a hearing disorder that almost made me quit music entirely. The album served me as a torch in the darkness. But all in all, the music speaks for itself, it represents real feelings and real experiences.

To put it simple, it's True.


A word of personal advice:

Hearing Protection is important! Hearing Loss, Tinnitus and Hyperacusis can be crippling to musicians, music fans, or anyone for that matter. WEAR EAR PLUGS!

My Story:



all rights reserved


Adam Grimm Cleveland, Ohio

Singer/Songwriter, DIY Producer, Punk.

I also play in When/Where.

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Track Name: Honestly
Honestly, I can’t believe the things
They’re doing to this world
Honestly I can’t perceive the things
She’s doing to my world

Because we’re giving ourselves away for free
And we’re biting into the hand that feeds
And we’re selling our souls to watch tv
We’re giving away our lives for free

Honestly I can’t believe the things
Whispered in my ear
Honestly I can’t perceive the things
I’ve learned not to fear
Track Name: No Credit
I see you there, but I don’t care
I know it’s wrong, but I don’t feel bad

I’m nothing, I’m nothing to you
Firsts clenching, I keep my cool

A day is lost counting the clock
Panic sets in, shading the spots
But I am still breathing on my own
And this fight won’t end, without a show

I’m nothing, I’m nothing to you
Fists clenching, I keep my cool
Heart pounding, I wish it was true
I’ll wait here, with time to lose

The day now spins,
A tampered whisper in the wind
Track Name: Willingly
It’s got nothing to do with you
And it’s got nothing to do with me now
And it’s got nothing to do with the way you always see it

But I can’t make you think
And I can’t make you act
Our time is pressed upon a plate,
And yet we push it back
It’s killing me

You tell me that you want to change,
And I know you do
To hear the words, slip and sway,
Well boohoo
You tell me, “I’m waiting for the day I can rest my head into the clouds”
But I told you,
“Life isn’t a winning game where the victor’s hands take the crown”
So honey please, take the deck you have and play it proud
Track Name: Lazy Eye
I thought I saw you
Just walking by
I recognized your lazy eye
In some perfection
Of staggered time
I swept you off your feet for a while

But life
Will drag us down
And time
Won’t come around
Not anymore than yesterday

On bold horizons
Often I find
My youth slip right before my eyes
Oh how did I think
That all is well
I find it too soon now to tell
Track Name: Antidote
I wish that I
Could fly to the sky
Without an antidote

Driven far in
Far into the ground
You will find all of my wealth
All of my wealth

No, I’m not giving up

Playing with fire
That water expires
Will surely leave you burned
Leave you burned
Track Name: Way You Are
I know it’s been a year since we last talked
Oh but I cannot recall
A time I could say my longing true
Oh darling just for you

But the weight of the world
Was the stitching behind the law

Reflecting on the mirror that’s shining back
Oh was it just an act?
Two people whose hearts were sworn so true
Oh the wick burns the flame to blue

But it wasn’t my fault
That I fell in love with you

It’s not in the way you are
It’s not in the way you were
It’s how I remember you

I don’t know what to do
I find you wherever I go
On the screen, in my dreams, behind those words,
I know you meant
Track Name: Refugee Train
All aboard
The Refuge Train
Mama’s boy
Is a fool again
Getting caught with the wrong crowd
Thinking he must speak his thoughts aloud
Hoping for the day to wash his hands of sin
He must not try; he does not try

He’ll save the world

All aboard
The Refuge Train
Mama’s Boy
Is a fool again
Don’t know if you’re planning on hanging around
This eye has traveled almost to the edge of town
Judgments made are clear and conscious of a choice
Because I have tried, and I will try again

I will love again